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Tokyo: a colourful illusion of chaos

Tokyo travelblog

Let’s get lost in the colours
Of neon lights
In a jungle of skyscrapers
A world far from mine

City of the future
Where old meets new
High-tec, futuristic
Yet silent and still

Unreadable letters
Lost in translation
Through highways and subways
I find my way

Bows exchanged
At Shinjuku station
With 38 million people
The world rushes by

Blue and yellow cabs
Colour the streets
Vending machines
Capsule hotels
24/7 sushi restaurants
Speak Tokyo to me

Quirky manga girls
Of Akihabara
With the business men
of Shinjuku

Hippie vibes and record stores
Are found in Shimokitazawa
Golden moments and Omikuji fortune
At the mystique Yoyogi park

Escape the chaos in Kamakura
Where bamboo trees touch the sky
Wander through the nature
Drink tea at the temple of Jōchi-ji

Lose yourself in Tokyo’s lights
Drink sake to start the night
In the narrow street of memory lane
And sing karaoke at Golden Gai

Tokyo city view

Tokyo taxi

Akihabara Tokyo
Omoide Yokocho
Dinner at memory lane

Memory lane
Tokyo travel


  1. Wow! Tokyo looks so vibrant and lovely! I’d love to explore around there. I love your photos!

    1. Thankyou Anya :)! Toky is something special for sure, such a vibrant colourfull city! Every area is so different !

  2. That’s a lovely poem, brings back a lot of memories of the time I spent in Tokyo. Karaoke there is just so much fun!

    1. Ahh that’s lovely to read Anisa :). Karaoke is SO much fun right? Wish it was a normal thing here in the Netherlands haha!! I would go on a daily base ;).

  3. This is a new and innovative way to report about a new city! Shall try sometime. I love the pictures especially.

    1. Thankyou girl 🙂

  4. reminds me of the warm feels of late nights and early mornings doing a cultural immersion course for 3 weeks as a 21 year old student. So many karaoke nights and hangovers, and beautiful sights and smells, and TASTES! Japan, always holds a space in my traveling heart!

    1. Ahh thanks for your lovely comment Ariana! Glad I could make you relive old memories through my post :). Sounds like a wonderful Japanese experience you’ve had!

  5. Love how you were able to describe Tokyo through a poem! Amazing how gorgeous cities/ places can inspire the poet in us! Oh, and Kamakura sounds really awesome.. Would love to see those bamboos 😉

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment Marvi 🙂 Yep that’s what travelling does through inspiration and admiration. The bamboos in Kamakura are absolutely beautiful! I’m sure you will love it!

  7. These are seriously stunning shots!

    1. Thankyou Jasmine 🙂

  8. Oooooh! I love the poetry and photos combined to present a truly unique travel post about Tokyo!

    1. Thanks so much! That’s lovely to hear 🙂

  9. I’ve never been to Tokyo but your pictures are really inspiring me to go. I feel like I can get a sense of the night life and the vibe all from your wonderful pictures! Thank you!

    1. Ahh that’s amazing to hear! Glad you could travel with me through my post 🙂 Tokyo is something special, i’m sure you will love it!

  10. Wauw super mooie foto’s, jaloers ;). Zag er super mooi & leuk uit!
    Liefs Leen

    1. Hoihoi! Ik lees je comment nu pas sorry haha! Maar dankjewel, dat is leuk om te horen :)! Liefs terug

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