1. Oh man, I have been waiting a long time for someone who writes like this! This is so poetic, I love the style as the photos are beautiful too. Sharing this on Pinterest and Twitter too and will be following you on all platforms too! Now, to explore the rest of your posts!

    1. Thank you so much babe, that’s a big compliment :)! I’m checking out your blog right now, so cool you’ve lived in Hong Kong for such a long time!

  2. Beautifully written poem and lovely photos!

    I really love the photo with the houses on the cliff side, must be a relaxing place to live in.

    1. Thanks love! It really is a beautiful place 🙂

  3. It looks so beautiful and wild here! Such spectacular landscape – thanks for sharing…

    1. Thanks Jill 🙂

  4. I love the Basque country, that often forgotten about region of Spain. You captured it beautifully in these photos. Good job!

    1. Thanks Carly! Yeah I know, it’s so different from Spain aswell… Where in the Baque country did you go?

  5. Wow, Basque country is truly beautiful. I can picture the land through your photographs!

    1. Lovely! Yeah it’s a beautiful place, you should definately check it out if you have the chance 🙂

  6. The poem is very beautiful! I know so little about basques, I need to read about this gorgeous place and its people.

    1. Thanks love! Yeah dive into it, its worth it I can promise you 🙂

  7. So beautiful!!! Love it… and love reading poetry so this is a treat:) Thanks

    1. Thanks for the compliment lovely 🙂

  8. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Stefanie,
      Thanks for your lovely comment! Yes Basque country is truly a beautiful place, so different from the rest of Spain. You should really check it out!

  9. Beautiful post! Well-written and great picture – what more to ask for? 😉

    I visited San Sebastian myself years back, and completely fell in love! Hopefully, I will be able to visit more of País Vasco one day! My best Spanish friend lives in Bilbao, so I have plenty of reason to go 😉

  10. I can understand why you fell in love with San Sebastian, I did aswell! Beautiful city that has it all… So lucky your best friend lives in Bilbao haha!! Definately a good reason to return 🙂

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