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Copenhagen has beautiful architecture, beautiful canals, beautiful people, beautiful parks, beautiful LEGO, beautiful knäckebröd, beautiful everything. Really. just go and see for yourself.

København is the smuk capital city of Denmark, located on the Sjælland island, next to Sweden. To me, it feels like Amsterdam, but a little happier, a little more sophisticated and a little less crowded. It’s full of cosy little coffee shops and charming cafés, beautiful green parks and lots of bikes.

The vibe is just super hygge, which almost has the same meaning as the Dutch word gezellig as I described in my post about Amsterdam. According to the UN World Happiness Report, the happiest people in the world even live in Copenhagen. So what is there to do and see in this City of Happiness you might think?

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Well, you can check out the second oldest amusement park in the world, called Tivoli. It’s located on the Vesterbrogade in the heart of Copenhagen. Rent a bike and explore the different districts of the city. Or go for a kanalrundfarten and glance at the little mermaid and other famous spots  from the water. You can buy a ticket for one of these canal tours at the colourful harbour of Nyhavn.

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Try out Danish street food at Paper island. Or visit Torvehallerne for more exclusive bites. Stroll around the small cobbled streets in the centre of Christianshavn. Or check out the designer shops and go for brunch at one of the cafés in the Hipster Vesterbro area. Don’t forget to visit the bars at the trendy Meatpacking District in the evening.

Vesterbro Copenhagen

Copenhagen travel tips

Wander around the multicultural Nørrebro district and the posh Frederiksberg area. Watch elephants from the Copenhagen Zoo in Fredriksberg Have. Or take the metro to the beach and chill out there for the day. The closest beaches are found at Charlottenlund beach park and Amager Strandpark. You can either take the train to Charlottenlund station or the metro to Amager Strandpark.

Walk around the pretty Botanisk Have or go for a picnic at the beautiful Kongens have park. Want to check the Danish fashion but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Go second-hand shopping at one of the Loppemarkeds (aka fleamarkets). Check out Halmtorvet in the Vesterbro area, near the central station or Frederiksberg Loppemarked behind the Frederiksberg Rådhus town hall.

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