Hanoi travel: 5 coffee places to find zen in the city

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I arrived in the rain. It was hectic and chaotic in the streets, people everywhere, tiny chairs, a cloudy day, humid air. Chaotic traffic, people yelling, honking cars. It reminded me of the time I lived in Shanghai. Different, but similar.

After spending months on tropical islands close to the coast, I felt incredibly overwhelmed in the chaotic streets of Hanoi. I rented a room in the centre of the French Quarter and gave myself some time to adjust to the Vietnamese way of life.

Parks and books

I read my book in the park and practised English with Vietnamese kids. I wrote in my journal in cosy jazz cafes and went for walks around the city. My family visited me in Vietnam and we travelled around the country for 3 weeks.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with stunning nature, but after travelling for 8 months, I was tired of moving places and changing cultures. I longed for a sense of ‘home’ and stability so I decided to go back to the ocean and followed my journey to New Zealand.

5 coffee places in Hanoi to read and write

Some of the cafes I liked to find some peace and quiet in the hectic city:

  • This cute cafe is full of little notes from travellers all around the world with heartwarming personal messages: The note coffee
  • Jazz, books and cosy vibes at: Tranquil
  • Art and food at cafe Manzi Hanoi
  • Basically anywhere: try the egg coffee in the small street cafes
  • Hanoi coffee station for cocktails, fresh juices and coffee with a view

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