6 x short inspiring surf movies

‘I think when you own little, you get more focused on what you like. You’re more able to build up adventures and good times with your passions and friends and the people you love. That’s what simplicity means to me. The most precious thing society is taking, is our time. We really need to get our life back in our hands and be able to own it.’ – Lea Brassy

Catch it – Produced by Sarah Menzies, Let Media.

“ What if the ocean’s moods are your reflection? What if the blackness of its vastness mirrors your insignificance? What if it’s the one place that holds all the answers? ”

Between the lines – Jason Hearn

‘I think nature is the source, the more I go to it to more radient I feel and the more love I feel. We all come from the ocean, there is just so much within us that acts to it and relates to it. Because we are part of it.’ – Laura Pecoraro

Dulce – a fresh look at Pavones – Patrick McMahon

‘This isn’t a story about a girl getting over a boy, this is a story about a woman exploring the world’

A woman’s guide to the world – Apolla Echino

‘Water is everything, it’s essential to life. Water is life.’ – Lola Mignot

SEA | LONE – Ondre Nostre

‘By observing different cultures, I started realising that there are so many different ways to live. And that maybe succes and happines have more to do with time spent doing what you love, versus the dumber of digits in your bank account’.

I’ve sailed to many beautiful and wild places. Star cluttered night skies and rainbows, moonrises. All of natures beautiful surprises fill me up in a way I can’t explain, they remind me i’m part of this wildness.’ – Liz Clark


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  1. […] to me seemed beautiful and exciting. I loved watching surfers dancing on waves. I read books, found movies, read stories of people who inspired me to turn this dream into a […]

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