Creative living // 10 ways to spark your creativity

Creativity tips

Imagination is the muscle of the soul – vladimir nabokov

And words are decoration for the imagination. Words have the power to make us dream, give hope, show us different worlds, inspire, create a sense of connection, make us feel. Where would we be without art?

Creativity comes in waves

Some days you’re riding a beautiful wave, but other days it’s completely flat. That’s part of the deal. But if you are unable to connect to your creative side, there is some work to do.

Get curious

Dust off your paintbrushes, explore, take yourself out on artist dates, write, go to places you have not been before, talk to new people, read books, spend time in nature.

The wonderful thing about creating is the happiness it brings, the losing track of time, the power of connection. Creativity will guide you to new fields of wonder. To new ideas, inspiration, passions, people. All you need to do is open up.

Feel your feelings

Creativity means combining the mind with the heart and turning your inspiration into a cocktail of wonder. Express your love for life and turn it into art. It doesn’t need to be important, as long as it makes you happy and fulfills you while creating it.

And if it’s crazy, live a little crazy

Creative living to me means living out of curiosity and staying connected to your playful side. It’s hard to feel inspired when we stay stuck in routines that kill our sense of wonder. If all we do is stare into screens.

So turn off distractions to keep space in your brain. Learn a new language, turn your room into a mood board of clour, change your environment and see what happens.


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