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10 reasons why surfing is good for you and where to learn

Female surf camps

Surfing is a way to challenge yourself, stay connected, get out of your comfort zone, connect to nature, find inspiration. It’s a way to lose yourself in the presence of the ocean. It’s basically natures medicine.

Health benefits of surfing

Surfing is good for you because it brings you into the moment, it needs your complete focus. Surfing helps to conquer depressive feelings, anxiety and insomnia. It’s a good way to balance your emotional state. It takes time and commitment in order to improve, but the fulfilment you feel when you get better is why you should keep going.

Let’s get physical

Surfing makes you feel happy! Being in the ocean makes you forget about the problems of everyday life. No hurry, no worry.

You meet like-minded ocean people who also look for a way to be free and enjoy the ocean. If you are not surrounded by people who share the same worldview, this could be a nice excuse to look for some new friends. More friends around the world mean more visits and surf buddies to share ocean adventures with.

Let’s get mindful

The salty smell and touch of the cold ocean in combination with the workout will turn you into an ocean Buddha.

Surfing provides meaning, a goal, a challenge, a connection. It puts your so-called ‘big’ problems into perspective when you are out there in the ocean on your tiny board. It’s the same feeling you get when you stare into the night sky, it makes you feel small but alive. Although surfing feels a bit more exciting.

Female surf camps

There are a lot of different surf camps for different levels. Surfing with girls is fun because it creates this sisterhood vibe where you all get to share the same love for the ocean.

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