Why you shouldn’t let fear stop you from following your heart

follow your heart

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you have the courage to look your fears in the eyes? Or do you allow fear to take over your life and stop you from really living it? If i’m completely honest with myself, I did.

For a while.

I allowed fear to take me off course. After backpacking around Australia, studying abroad in the UK and learning Chinese in Shanghai, the ‘adult chapter’ of my life had started. Office job and permanent contract: check. Home in Amsterdam: check. Boyfriend: check.

It was a life full of security and safety. But I got so used to it that I started to lose my adventurous spirit. I listened too much to other people and not enough to myself. I did the things I thought I had to do, but I didn’t do the things I really wanted to do. I ignored my heart and that feeling inside of me that was telling me to move in new directions.

And I lost the connection with myself.  After a while I felt so uninspired, I almost became numb. In this moment I started a journey – as spiritual as this may sound, it really was a journey. Not around the world, but within myself. Through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and meaningfull conversations I got closer to myself again. I discovered the reason why I was feeling unhappy: fear.

They say the only way to beat fear, is to face it. You can ignore a feeling, but it will only grow. So I started to do the things that scared me and slowly I found myself back. I started to make choices for me, said goodbye to negative people in my life and quit the job that was no longer helping me grow.

I booked a one way ticket to Costa Rica to get inspired, get creative, challenge myself, learn, grow, explore and try new things. For two months I have been exploring a continent I had never been, with a language I can not speak. I met so many wonderful like minded people who quit their jobs and followed their hearts, doing the things they love to do.

I believe that when you follow your heart, you will become the person that you really are. Following your heart means letting go of your mind. Following your heart can be scary and uncertain, but also a lot of fun. Because in the end you will get exactly where you need to be. And who wants to stay stuck in a place that’s not meant for them?

So I say f*** fear! If you want to have the feeling of really being alive, you need to dive in, and go deep. Embrace change and be brave. Don’t listen to other people’s negativity. Trust your gut. Listen to yourself. Follow your heart no matter how ridiculous it might seem.

Don’t live your life with fear for the unknown. See where it takes you. Let go, make mistakes, try again, live. The world is your playground, have some fun.

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