Ocean air, salty hair: why you want to go to Surfana festival

Surfana festival

Ever been to a festival where everything just comes together? Sleeping under the stars, camping between te dunes, listening to the sounds of the ocean, hammocks, live music, tipi tents, happy people, creativity, healthy food, sunsets, surf and good vibes. You can practice longboarding, yoga at sunrise or on a supboard, meditate, learn how to hula hoop or go for a handreading, surfana has it all.

With your feet in the sand and a beer in your hand, you walk over the camp site. That lies hidden behind the sand dunes. Happy smiling faces pass you by, on longboards, in wetsuits, on bikes, with surfboards.

You set up your tent and walk in the direction of the beach, entering the festival area full of wooden installations in different shapes and bright colours, a jacuzzi and vintage couches turned into chill areas. Brightly colored food trucks with names like Cocos locos and Burning van pop up, spreading smells of fresh curry, burgers, pancakes.

The sun is slowly setting, creating a golden glow, before disappearing and making room for the moon. As the festival area becomes fuller, the stars slowly start to appear and we dance in bare feet in the sand to the happy mellow sounds of the music… This weekend life is nothing but a dream.

Surfana represents freedom. It’s for the dreamers, surfers, salty souls, free spirits, creatives, the wild ones. Once a year surf minded people from all around the world come together at Surfana Festival in the dunes of Bloemendaal in The Netherlands. They also organise surf trips throughout the year. Check out their website for more information:

surfana festival

surfana festival the netherlands

hippie girl netherlands

First and last picture by: Heleen Wenniger & Lotte de Graaf


  1. I’ve never heard of a festival like this but it looks so fun!!

  2. I had never heard of Surfana festival before reading this but it looks amazing! Gorgeous photos too 🙂

  3. Now this sounds like me kind of festival! What a great concept, I’ll definitely be checking out their site for further festivals 🙂

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