I love the seaside book review: find the soul of each place you go

I love the seaside book review

“Small villages with white or honey coloured stone houses are scattered along the seaside. As if it’s a written law, all woodwork is ocean blue and green. Vineyards and fields of maize and sunflowers divide clusters of houses and farms.”

This is the start of one of the chapters of this 384 page surf and travel guide to Southwest Europe. It’s presented through the eyes of inspiring seaside people, from surfers to travellers and artists. The guide takes you from the shores of Brittany in France to northern Portugal up to the coast of Southern Andalucia.

If you like exploring, travelling, surfing, adventuring and wandering this book is for you. We’re here to inspire, so you can go and explore, it says on the cover. And that’s what it does!

With it’s beautiful pictures, interviews with locals, artists and background stories the guide takes you on a dreamy journey along coastlines, small villages and impressive landscapes. It’s all about people and finding the spirit of places, connecting locals, travellers and surfers. And discovering places off the beaten-track. 

I love the seaside travel guide

In this guide you can find anything from accommodations, yoga practices, maps, surfschools and board rentals, inspiring photos, descriptions of surf breaks, local food and recipes, activities like yoga and wine-tastings.

I love the seaside travel guide

I love the seaside travel guide

You can find this travel guide in several surfshops throughout Europe. Check out their website for more information or just order it from the webshop.

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