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A glimpse of Marrakech

Far far away, lies a city behind red walls. Where the magic carpets fly around and snake charmers mesmerize you with their spells…

Marrakech travel

You wander around hidden alleys,

Without sense of direction

Palace Marrakesh

Passing mosques, red medina walls, busy souks,

The Royal Palace,

Donkeys, old motorbikes and cabs pass you by,

And the heat numbs your senses,

marrakesh fairytale

Arab sounds are mixed with French,

Cats play in the streets,

Exotic spices are being sold,

Along with different types of tea

Marrakesh turqoise

You sleep in one of the dreamy riads,

Full of colours and magical lamps,

Watch the sunset from the rooftop terrace,

And soak up the panorama views

Marrakesh travel

Just surrender to the madness,

Get inspired by the colours,

And get lost in the maze of streets.

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